The Tuscaloosa Half Marathon presented by CNL Financial Group is a day of fun for both runners and spectators! If you’ve ever run or walked a half marathon, you know how important a motivating and encouraging crowd support is. The Tuscaloosa Half Marathon would like to provide suggestions to help spectators plan for race day:

  • Have fun and get in the spirit!
  • Weather is always unpredictable in March. Be prepared to dress for conditions and wear comfy shoes.
  • Have a course map, cell phone and camera
  • A good sign always adds to the race! Runners love to read signs, and it helps your runner to identify where you are.
  • Make some noise! Clap and cheer. The runners will love it.
  • Be sure to cheer for everyone; those in the front and the back.
  • Have a block party with friends and neighbors if the course travels through your area.
  • Plan ahead. If you’re tracking a friend of family member, identify their average pace per mile ahead of time and use a pace chart to figure out where and when they should reach certain points along the course.
  • Have a finish line plan. Many people will be in the finish area, so it will help to know where and when you’re meeting your runner.
  • Don’t know anyone running? That’s ok. Come support anyway!
  • We ask all spectators to please stay off the course as a sign of respect for the participants that have worked so hard to be there.

Best Spots to Watch

  • Start/Finish line
  • Tuscaloosa Amphitheater
  • Government Plaza
  • Tuscaloosa Riverwalk
  • Helen Keller Blvd.
  • Tuscaloosa’s Downtown Plaza
  • Tuscaloosa Public Library or Tuscaloosa RiverMarket
  • Regions Bank off of Hackberry Ln.
  • Paul W. Bryant Drive from 10th Avenue to 2nd Avenue (Corner of UA Baseball Stadium)
  • 5th Avenue East (UA Student Rec, Rhoads Stadium)

Where is your runner along the course? (based off of a 4 hour limit)

Mile Number First Runner Last Runner
1 7:05 AM 7:31 AM
2 7:10 AM 7:47 AM
3 7:15 AM 8:03 AM
4 7:20 AM 8:19 AM
5 7:25 AM 8:35 AM
6 7:30 AM 8:51 AM
7 7:35 AM 9:07 AM
8 7:40 AM 9:23 AM
9 7:45 AM 9:39 AM
10 7:50 AM 9:55 AM
11 7:55 AM 10:11 AM
12 8:00 AM 10:27 AM
13 8:05 AM 10:43 AM